Friday, 24 August 2012



Photo heavy might be a bit of an understatement I suppose… I spent the first half of this week at Grizedale Arts Centre in Conniston, going on long walks and drawing a lot. It was really interesting for me, because of the schemes they have going on in the village, like an honesty shop (local people put their own crafts into the shop, which is unstaffed, with only a log book and a jar for money, and people can buy stuff from it all day long!) which was full of beautifully crafted objects, flowers, and food. I was kinda kicking myself that I only took a fiver with me in all honesty, it was just amazing, you’d never find anything like it where I live (bar the Vintage Fair stuff, which I really really love!)

For such a small village, it’s amazing to think that there are so many people living there who are amazingly gifted! Literally, there’s pretty much anything you can imagine – veg, soap, cake, pottery, artwork, flowers, sewing stuff, vintage clothes, woodcraft, books etc.. Also, from my own point of view what with my bags and stuff, it was good to be able to get ideas for things to do – now thinking about running workshops for the kids down my street (I basically live in a street with children in every house, it’s crazy!) every now and again, bric a bracs, and craft stalls, because I already know of a few people who make and sell stuff elsewhere but there’s something nice about being able to sell at your own home!