Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Thought I'd share this, with all of you. Just a little video made by the artist we're working with this year on Slow Boat, I'll paste the basic explanation below, but I'm super excited about it!

"Each year a contemporary artist is in residence with IYP, developing a programme of activities both on and off the boat. We are delighted that Navin Rawanchaikul is our lead artist for 2013. Inspired by his Thai and Pakistani heritage Rawanchaikul is planning our most colourful journey to date, travelling from Birmingham to the East Midlands, stopping off in Derby, Nottingham and Leicester. During this trip Slow Boat hosts Navinland, a floating campaign to find others who share his given name, Navin, with celebratory events along the route."

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Today we started a new unit at college - Fine Art basically. The task we were given was to draw the room we're working in, then turn it upside down and put a portrait into it, then turn it upside down again and draw any object on top. I've got another 5 hours to work on it, but these tiled portraits are for the middle section of it - unfortunately its A1 so I can't scan it, but I'll somehow get a good picture of it in progress soon!

Monday, 1 April 2013


So, I've had my couple of days in wales, eaten faaar too much chocolate and generally good food so I now feel ever so slightly ill - not quite the result I was hoping for! This was a piece for a design unit at college, which had to be based on and convey an art movement. I chose Dadaism, and mainly worked with ideas from work by Schwitters - even popped down to the exhibition at the Tate Britain, which I helped to pack up a teeensy bit of whilst I was volunteering at Grizedale - it was only cardboard boxes, but STILL PRETTY COOL.