Monday, 8 October 2012


I have had WAY too much fun coming up with ideas for my outcome for my first unit at college. Basically, our starting point is distorting identity. I, being me, have somehow managed to end up aaaaaaaaat.... optical phenomena. The link makes sense, yeah? Whilst researching, I've managed to find out so much ridiculous, and totally bonkers stuff about how our eyes work and why we actually need two eyes; this has led me to my final piece idea. I'm going to paint two images, in different focuses, to look at how they work together, just like your eyes do. Crazy, huh?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


You can't see all these properly, but I've been having fun taking notes on people on the train to and from school. It takes me over an hour to get to school and the same back, so I have a lot of time at the moment to sit around drawing and such. My first project on my course this year is identity, so I've come up with a few little ideas, like 'the little book of pessimism' - ever pessimistic, I literally see the bad in everything according to my dad, so I thought I'd document all the little things on the train which absolutely do my head in!  Enjoy!