Friday, 30 March 2012


Just a quick doodle of Sarah Browne's pyrite radio at IKON gallery in Birmingham. A gallery definitely worth a visit, where there are loads of really interesting exhibitions showing at the moment, and all for free. (N.B. check out Graeme Miller's Track, look properly amazing) Little books are my kind of addiction at the moment, which sounds ridiculous, I know! My favourite place to get them? Well, Muji of course! Think the cheap version of Paperchase. I keep them in all my bags, and theyre full to the brim of notes, drawings, poems and all sorts. It's like a way of keeping a diary, but less humiliating when you go back to read it at the end! They also make fab photos to frame (cheap 99p for 4 glass ikea frames are my faourite!) and pretty cute little presents if you make them specific. Great for developing your art too if that's the kind of think you're interested in.
1 and 2 are my favourites, both for under £1.

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