Sunday, 3 June 2012


"a sustained and multilayered consideration of what one might call the 'discourse of knowledge'."
The whole accumulation "thing" seems to have become a bit of a habit for me. Sarah Browne's accumulation of knowledge, Yayoi Kusama's accumulation sculptures and now this sort of gathering of medical objects for a specific purpose. Fred Langford Edwards' photos are all from a trip to Equador, and are prints from hidden archives, hidden religious sculptures and medical instruments from a long time ago. Apart from the obvious awe of like a whole wall filled with photographs, it's a really stunning collection (gathering) of prints like that, and the background to them and his other work is really intriguing. In other news, I've been compiling a list of every gallery I need(want!) to visit in the UK, and well, it's quite long. I might post it later, if I can format it properly, but I am ever so slightly looking forward to getting to as many of them as possible. On occasion, I get hurried along in galleries, and somehow I managed to forget to bring my notebooks with me on holiday, when I had the perfect quiet place to just sit and draw for a while. Majorly annoying, but I'll visit Mostyn Oriel again and do some drawings, because it really is a lovely space, and I would reccomend a visit if you're in Llandudnho.

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