Tuesday, 6 November 2012


So, I have been absent for ages and I am majorly sorry! I've got tonnes of artwork now to show you all so that'll be coming up as soon as I can make myself use the scanner - it's got an actual mind of its own. What I wanted to tell you about today, is a film. I don't know if you'd picked it up from elsewhere on the blog but I'm part of a youth group who's been working with radio, and yesterday was the screening of a film made by our lead artist involving members of the project. It's called 'The Cognitive Radio', and is basically about:

  • The Radio Spectrum - how it's divided up and used in the same way minerals are.
  • How current affairs relate to scarcity as a concept
  • Old and New and Past and Present
So far, you can only watch the preview online. But soon the whole thing will be published online for everyone to watch, so in the meantime, go and watch the preview to give you an idea about what it's about.

This year on IYP has been really interesting for me, I've done all sorts completely unrelated to art but it's all helped my knowledge. Just proves that learning in different environments can be so beneficial and more interesting. I've been to the American Embassy, stayed in the lake district, made a publication, listened to the sound of water, slept over in a gallery, to name just a few things. Arts youth groups are great, so if you're reading this, go and join one! You'll feel amazing for it, and learn so much about the arts - even if you're not completely involved in art! We learn about events management, writing, get to meet amazing people, and visit museums galore (not all about art again!) I could never imagine I'd be at the point I'm at now in my life, and am so looking forward to what art will hold for me in the future!

(Text heavy, I really do apologise!)

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