Wednesday, 30 January 2013


So, when I first saw Meg's blog, I kinda fell in love a bit. Her fashion sense is just plain gorgeous, a vintage dream ~ I am already planning on making myself a flower crown! I was feeling a bit arty, and browsing through blogger and thought hey, it'd be nice to just do a drawing for someone, so here we have it...actually really like this too!


  1. Oh my giddy goodness. This is unbelievable. I'm so so flattered. Gosh I'm blushing right now. If you like I will post about this on my blog and link to you. I love it, I really do. What is it drawn with, fine liner? :D This has made my day, no, made my week!

    1. Aw wow! So glad you like it! Feel freeto copy the picture from here or anything, thankyou so much! It's drawn with markers and fine liners and stuf like that, Glad it's made your week chick! X