Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Ok, so you know I blogged a few days ago about Discoverables? Well, today I filmed my first video challenge for it! Don't get me wrong, I can talk for England with people I know well, but I get quite nervous public (internet public?!) speaking, so today on my day off, I plucked up the courage to film this! The idea of it's simple - think of a personal or creative goal you've set yourself, and tell the camera 6 reasons you can't do it, then argue back as to why you could do it. The great thing about it? I now feel 10 times more motivated to go out and do it, and little clips like this will look great in my online portfolio, because not only do they give little snippets about what I'm actually like, they (providing I actually pull it off) prove I've got the determination to do what I want to with my life.

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