Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I am an absolute mess when it comes to painting like this normally, but today has been ok for me (apart from every single brush turning the white paint gray). This is supposed to be in the style of Kaffe Fasset, which i'm not seeing yet but IT WILL HAPPEN. Last weeks Henri Matisse peice was alot more successful (I'll blog a picture of it seperately). Personal achievement from this was drawing straight onto A1 paper, because me and large scale have never gone together very well - I just can't seem to get the perspective right. Also had a nice little thoughtful moment, about how the 3/4 hours a week I get working on traditional art skills are really nice, and great for improving my 'art confidence'; even though I'm doing an extended diploma, which doesn't sound quite as nice as Art Foundation, I suppose the idea is the same - I'm getting a really well rounded art experience, and learning stuff every day that's useful.

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