Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Number 1 .. Illustrations. I am a terrible procrastinator and just general ridiculous person when it comes to putting things off. I'm currently in the middle of starting at a new college..stressful doesn't even cover it, but I WILL START DRAWING AGAIN SOON.

Down to the real reason I'm writing this post - look. at. this. As a 16 (almost 17!) year old, I am finding looking for jobs near impossible. GCSE results and all the arts activities I've taken part in seem to count for nothing unless you come with previous experience, which of course, I and many others have none of. But this, looks like the perfect answer. A new website, called DISCOVERABLES, which enables you to give yourself skills that employers look for.

'Discoverables is built by youth charity Spark+Mettle to enable young people aged 16–24 to translate their capabilities and their life experience into work-readiness. The website allows them to uncover their signature strengths, capabilities and skills, to prove and improve them, and to learn how they can articulate these in ways that are relevant to you and your organisation.
We want to provide a platform that offers young people from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to showcase their strengths and skills and to show you what they are made of.
To discover your next great team member, or future leader, use the search function to find fantastic young people by location, power, interests or skills.'

  (extra plus, the graphics are super cute!)

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