Thursday, 7 February 2013


I think this is possibly a slight 'too much free time' thing, but it is partly relevant. For me, now's the time when I'm really having to think about where I want to take the next stage of my life to, and it is really, really difficult. I haven't had to make the GCSE to A-Level kind of decision my friends have, and the majority of them have probably almost decided or definitely decided on what they want to study at Uni. I have no, idea, at all (although, obviously it'll be art related).


  1. Ah I just went through this myself with my VCE last year. I'm now studying photography at university. All year, I thought, 'I don't need to do this, I don't need to go to uni. I want to, but I don't need to. I would be happier doing what I want to do and I would probably be more successful.'
    Sometimes it's hard to do something that you see is holding you back, but trust me, your GCSE/A-Levels are really important to have, because it shows discipline and dedication and you're more likely to get a job if you've finished high school than if you drop out.

    Good luck, and trust me by the end of the year, you should have an idea of what you want to do :)

    1. I guess a VCE is kinda like an A-level? I'm not actually studying for A-Levels at the the moment, I'm in effectively what is a foundation course for art and design but over two years, so my big ol' difficult decision is deciding what I want to specialise in - you're really lucky knowing that it's photography you want to do! Thankyou for the advice though, dropping out of what I'm on at the moment would be incredibly stupid, considering I'll probably be doing it for the next 6/ish years of my life! The whole 'no uni' thing is because of most teenagers situation here in England, unfortunately I don't know if I can justify the £36,000+ I'll have as debt for the rest of my life, when I can go off and just start earning money using the experience I have so far.

      Checked out your blog too, best of luck with Uni, sounds awesome and can't wait to get a bit more time to go through your blog properly and look at your photography!