Monday, 25 March 2013


So my easter holiday officially starts today (but I was off school all week last week too because we only had to hand in work, HEY 3 WEEK HOLIDAY) I'm off to wales at some point this week to see my grandparents, which will probably involve huge amounts of very good food and lots of relaxing, and I've set myself a bit of a challenge to get lots of artwork done, of which all this is the beginning. I've been quite happy all day today up in my room doing stitching and painting and doodling, so it's all pretty fab. In other news, found my ideal university - this is coming from the girl who has been avoiding the 'what course are you applying for' question for most of this year so far, so I really really feel like I've overcome a massive hurdle. Funnily enough I came across it on tumblr, on a blog run by its student, so its really kinda perfect!

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