Monday, 30 December 2013


In March, it's my grandparents Golden Wedding Anniversary, which is going to involve some odd 80 family members and the place they had their Wedding Reception at originally all those years ago! They hadn't wanted to worry me with more to do in amongst all my school work and UCAS - still haven't sent off my application, aaargh! - but little did they know, I'd already drawn all this up! That was back in November, but whilst they were down here for Christmas we took some time sorting it all out properly. The top right image has been put into invitations, and all 3 put onto their menus for the day - but I think what we were all most pleased with is that we've made them ourselves from start to finish! I had a bit of trouble with my old, and pretty temperamental printer, but we got there in the end by experimenting with it, and the end result is that these were made all for the cost of a pack of A4 card from WHSmiths (about £2!), a printer cartridge and one of those mini guillotines (again, only like £5!). Shows what you can do with photoshop and a bit of creative DIY!

If you want to download the font I used, I got it here.
(quick picture of the finished thing!)

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